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Emilee McBride & Anthony Selvitella — Minted

Emilee McBride


Anthony Selvitella

Wedding Details


We would like to reiterate that the ceremony and reception will be adults only festivities. We appreciate you respecting this decision and hope to see you all have a wonderful time!


Hi all, we are so excited to celebrate with you!

We ask that you dress in Semi-Formal attire.

"A less formal wedding attire, allowing a suit or a blazer and trousers for men and a cocktail dress or a dressy skirt and top for women."

Photos and Hashtags

We all know that everyone will be taking photos throughout the wedding, and we would love to see them! When you post on social media, please use the hashtag #SweetonSelvitella

We do ask for your respect in not taking any photos during the ceremony, so the photographers are able to get the pictures they have envisioned. We would love for everyone to be present and in the moment rather than looking at their phones. Thank you!!!


We do ask that you notify us of any food allergies or restrictions, prior to the wedding. Otherwise, we will not be able to let the caterers know.

Dinner will be setup as a buffet, with the following options: